Voice Solutions

Enterprise Networks Solutions has selected to partner with ShoreTel as our voice and unified communications for several reasons.  The #1 reason is that it's "Brillantly Simple".  We have customers of all sizes that use the ShoreTel system, from SMB customers to large corporations with multiple sites around the United States.

ShoreTel's Voice and Unified Communications solution has at its core a distribution platform that is truly unique.  It was designed from the ground up, specifically for IP, and is a very stable and reliable open system that integrates with your current infrastructure.  It blends perfectly with your business applications and provides easy management and deployment of integrated communications.

For businesses seeking a system that is highly scalable and perfect for entities with multiple locations, the ShoreTel Unified Communications solution is ideal.  With its automated attendant features, voice mail and a complete PBX, the ShoreTel UC operates like a unified, single system.

ShoreTel Voice Switches exceed today’s most stringent enterprise IT requirements, delivering 99.999 percent (five-nines) availability with:

IT standards today are high, and ShoreTel’s voice switches are over and above them in terms of performance and reliability.  They provide an availability of 99.999% and offer these advantages:

  • The biggest reason for system failure – moving parts – is solved by ShoreTel in creating processors that do not have mechanical disk drives.
  • With N+1 redundancy, should there be a failure of a voice switch, phones on the switch are moved to another switch immediately.
  • Redundant network uplinks are part of voice switches from ShoreTel.
  • The ShoreTel system allows for the automatic channeling of calls to the PSTN, should there be over-use or failure of the wide area network.


Audio and web conferencing as well as Instant Messaging are services fully managed and deployed through the ShoreTel UC System.

  • Dial-in, high-definition conferencing: Whether it’s a one-time conference or an always-on conference, users can invite their colleagues, partners, or customers to dial into the audio conference services in a single step.
  • Windows and Mac system users have full collaboration and web conferencing capabilities with the ability to share documents and desktops.
  • Through ShoreTel’s Web interface, users are able to create and arrange for conferencing instantly and without reservations.  For those working with Microsoft Outlook, it’s very easy to perform conference scheduling functions.  A ShoreTel conference can quickly be associated with the meeting by using the Outlook toolbar’s Conference button.

For more information about ShoreTel's solution, please contact Enterprise Networks Solutions today.