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Trusona is the global leader in identity authentication. Trusona ensures the True Persona behind every digital interaction through a suite of products ranging from frictionless #NoPasswords login to the only insured authentication solution. Trusona is on a mission to eliminate passwords, not only because people hate them, but because they are the weakest link in cybersecurity. Lack of proper identification enables the most horrendous cybercrimes to take place.


  • 81% of breaches are caused by static passwords. Avoid security headlines with 100% dynamic MFA security with patent pending Anti-Replay. 


  • 40% abandon service after forgetting their password. Increase engagement with a frictionless, no username and #NoPasswords experience. 


  • 30% of call center volumes involve password resets. Save money by reducing call volumes, reducing capital costs and reducing multiple vendor costs.  


Industries and Use cases

Industries Served   Use Cases
Financial Services and Brokerage   Multi-Factor Authentication
Healthcare   HIPAA Compliance
Government   Step-Up Authentication
Critical Infrastructure   Business Email Protection
High-Dollar E-Commerce   Call Center Authentication
Higher Education   Logins