Silver Peak

Who is Silver Peak?

Founded in 2004, Silver Peak is a privately held company that improves backup, replication and recovery between data centers and facilitates branch office server and storage centralization by improving application performance across the Wide Area Network (WAN). The company’s award winning appliances deliver exceptional performance improvements with unprecedented security and scalability across all enterprise applications, including data replication, backup, file transfers, email, web and real-time applications such as Citrix and VoIP.

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NX Appliances

Silver Peak’s award winning NX appliances are standalone devices that seamlessly fit into any enterprise network, sitting between network resources and the WAN infrastructure that is used to connect them to remote users. Deployment of NX appliances requires absolutely no client, server, or application reconfiguration.

NX appliances use Silver Peak's patent-pending Network Memory™ technology to significantly reduce the amount of data traversing the WAN and ensure LAN-like application performance. In addition, Silver Peak appliances leverage Network Acceleration techniques to overcome WAN latency, and Network Integrity features to mitigate the effects of packet loss across the WAN. Robust Quality of Service (QoS) policies ensure applications are prioritized appropriately and given adequate network resources. The result is order of magnitude performance improvements, reduced IT costs, and increased management and security.

VX Appliances

VX appliances are software-only versions of NX appliances. They support all the same Integrity (including QoS), and Network Memory™ features as their NX counterparts, but in a virtualized manner. By deploying Silver Peak’s VX family of appliances on industry standard servers, enterprises reap all the cost and flexibility benefits of server virtualization.

Silver Peak leads the market in software-based virtual WAN optimization with the highest performance and most cost-effective products. Customers can instantly evaluate Silver Peak software with free trial versions downloadable directly from the company’s marketplace. Silver Peak customers optimize more traffic than Riverbed, scale to multi-gigabits-per-second (Gbps) in WAN capacity and can run the software on any hypervisor, including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM. Silver Peak also offers customers flexible pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-grow pricing options.

“Riverbed has defined itself as a hardware company and they bank on customer refresh dollars to keep generating revenue,” said Rick Tinsley, CEO of Silver Peak. “However, WAN optimization customers are increasingly aware of the advantages of software and are fed-up with the vendor-imposed hardware refresh cycle. For the cost of Riverbed maintenance alone, Riverbed customers can own an equivalent Silver Peak software product with more features and higher performance.  And with Silver Peak WAN optimization software, you never need to face a forced hardware refresh again.”

In a recent product review conducted by the InfoWorld Test Center, Silver Peak was proven to pack “superior WAN optimization into a virtual machine.” The review concluded that regardless of the link speed and latency, the [Silver Peak] VX optimized WAN traffic as well as or better than a comparable physical chassis from Riverbed.  In the same review, Silver Peak software scored a perfect “10” for value.