Mobility Router

Enterprise mobility that puts mobile UC on the devices employees love

ShoreTel Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate leading – and loved – smartphones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively, with existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure. Our enterprise mobility solution makes it easy for your workforce to embrace BYOD (bring your own device), communicating on the devices of their choice. From any location (office, home, hotspots), and on any network (voice over Wi-Fi , voice over 3G/4G, or cellular), they can access a full suite of mobile unified communications tools. Combined with ShoreTel Dock, your workforce can go mobile but still have a home base.  The ShoreTel Dock merges the benefits of a desk phone (audio quality, always-on power and ergonomic comfort) with the power of the ShoreTel Mobility app.  Workers just click in their iOS device (iPad or iPhone) into ShoreTel Dock and they are off and running.

Transform your mobile device into a mobile workstation while maintaining a professional identity 

Work like a pro from your favorite device—including the Apple Watch

Not only is ShoreTel Mobility an inherent component of the ShoreTel Unified Communications system, it also easily integrates with other PBX and UC systems, including those from Cisco, and Avaya.

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