RedSeal Networks

Why RedSeal?


RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of security risk management solutions that enable businesses and government agencies to visualize their security posture, continuously audit and monitor IT compliance and eliminate cyber threats. Using patented network visualization and predictive threat modeling, the RedSeal Platform helps  enterprises better prioritize vulnerability remediation efforts, dramatically cut compliance costs and optimize their security architectures.

In order to support the ever increasing IT workload, new platforms are emerging as a means to help mitigate complexity and reduce the overall risk. Every day, RedSeal gathers the configurations of all the network devices: firewalls, routers, mobile device controllers and load balancers, building a virtual model of your network by analyzing how the rules on all of these devices work together to defend business assets. In turn, it can validate these access configurations against governmental and industry-driven regulations as well as internally defined security policies.

RedSeal allows organizations to:

  • Pinpoint weaknesses and risk through complete end-to-end network visibility including mobile networks, with support for all network device and security software vendor solutions via a comprehensive partner ecosystem.
  • Improve productivity with automated, exposure-based remediation prioritization to mitigate cyber risk.
  • Maximize efficacy of existing security investments with predictive threat modeling and metrics for in-depth assurance and situational awareness.
  • Cut compliance costs with automated continuous audit and control monitoring of the entire network device infrastructure.


The RedSeal Solution

With RedSeal, network security assessments become completely automated, only requiring access to device configuration data – no scanning, probing or crawling of the network is required, and analysis can be performed whenever necessary, or as frequently as needed.

  • By merely requiring access to device configuration and analyzing every pathway of access across your infrastructure, RedSeal increases the speed and effectiveness of network security assessment to:
  • Visualize precisely where and how defenses are aligned by mapping topology of all firewalls, routers and security devices.
  • Permit or deny access by determining if policies are being effectively translated into deployment and functioning as originally intended.
  • Demonstrate how access is permitted based on host criticality or compliance requirements to demarcate specific groups of devices and create zones based on assets' business value.

To better inform management of infrastructure security and estimate the impact of proposed change on network defenses, RedSeal empowers management with a comprehensive, consistent window into their real-world security standing.


From the Enterprise Networks Solutions YouTube Channel