Virtualized Firewalls

The VM-Series is a virtualized form factor of our next-generation firewall that can be deployed in a range of private and public cloud computing environments based on technologies from VMware®, Cisco®, Citrix®, KVM, OpenStack®, Amazon® Web Services, Microsoft® and Google®.

The VM-Series protects your private and public cloud deployments by enabling applications and preventing threats. Traffic is classified based on the application, not the port, giving you full visibility into your threat exposure. This allows you to reduce your threat footprint with application-based policies as well as prevent threats and data exfiltration.

Palo Alto Virtualized Firewall Overview

PAN-OS next-generation firewall capabilities, such as Dynamic Address Groups and VM-Monitoring, allow you to tie your security policies to virtual machine adds, moves and changes, and to create security policies that instantly sync with virtual workload creation.

Palo Alto Networks VM Series

VM-500 VM-300 VM-100
- 2,000,000 max sessions - 819,200 max sessions - 250,000 max sessions
- 6,000 SSL VPN Users - 2,000 SSL VPN Users - 1,000 SSL VPN Users
- 200 security zones - 40 security zones - 40 security zones
- 10,000 max number of policies - 10,000 max number of policies - 1,500 max number of policies
- 20,000 address objects - 10,000 address objects - 10,000 address objects
- 8 Gbps Firewall Throughput (App-ID enabled)* - 4 Gbps Firewall Throughput (App-ID enabled)* - 2 Gbps Firewall Throughput (App-ID enabled)*
- 4 Gbps Threat Prevention Throughput* - 2 Gbps Threat Prevention Throughput* - 1 Gbps Threat Prevention Throughput*
- 4 Gbps IPSec VPN Throughput* - 1.8 Gbps IPSec VPN Throughput* - 1 Gbps IPSec VPN Throughput*
- 60,000 New sessions per second* - 30,000 New sessions per second* - 15,000 New sessions per second*


* Performance and capacities are measured under ideal testing conditions using PAN-OS 8.0.

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