Centralized Management

Panorama provides you with the ability to manage your distributed network of our firewalls from a centralized location. View of all your firewall traffic; manage all aspects of device configuration; push global policies; and generate reports on traffic patterns or security incidents - all from one central location. Panorama is available as either a dedicated management appliance or as a virtual machine.

From a central location, administrators can gain insight into applications, users and content traversing the firewalls.  The knowledge of what is on the network, in conjunction with safe application enablement policies, maximizes protection and control while minimizing administrative effort.  Administrators can centrally perform analysis, reporting and forensics with the aggregated data over time, or on data stored on the local firewall.  Both Panorama and the individual devices share the same web-based look and feel, minimizing any learning curve or delay in executing the task at hand.  Palo Alto Networks adheres to a management philosophy that emphasizes consistency, providing a significant advantage over competitive offerings.




The M-100 allows you to deploy Panorama management and logging functions on a dedicated appliance, or you can separate the functions in a distributed manner for improved performance and scalability.


Virtual Appliance

You can deploy Panorama as a virtual appliance on VMware ESX(i), allowing you to support your virtualization initiatives and consolidate rack space.