Free Security Assessment

Find Out Which Applications and Threats are on Your Network with a FREE Assessment from Eneterprise Networks Solutions and Palo Alto Networks.

In a Few Hours You Will See:

  • Top applications and high risk processes on your network.
  • Applications that can use HTTP / Port 80 to communicate.
  • Top URL destination categories being visited.
  • Top Exploits and Malware: intrusions, virus, spyware, botnets, and more.

No change control or downtime required for evaluation.

Complete perspective:
Analyze traffic behind your existing security devices.

We Just Need 2 Things to Run the Evaluation:

  • A SPAN port on your network that mirrors the inside interface of your perimeter firewall.
  • An IP address on your network to allow us to communicate to a Palo Alto Networks device.

Contact Enterprise Networks Solutions today to setup a FREE simple "Proof of Concept" on your network.  At the end of the POC, you will receive a complimentary Application Visibility Report (AVR) so you can see what is getting past your current firewall.